We’re changing the game for real estate investors

Everyone knows intuitively that making sound investments in real estate can substantially accelerate wealth creation. But for those individuals who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the market—especially in new construction—the whole process can be extremely intimidating.

At Tanco Development, we’ve leveled the playing field. With our unique advantages, any investor, regardless of experience, can earn consistent, secure, real estate profits well above industry averages. And with all reputable market indicators signaling the next big boom, we encourage you to contact us today to discuss a strategy that best suits your individual investor profile.

Earn developer-sized real estate returns
By partnering with Tanco Development, now anyone can become a real estate developer and earn returns rivaling the biggest names in the business.
Our team of professionals ensures your success
On each project, we synchronize our team of seasoned professionals to identify, plan, and coordinate and even the most minute details to insure each project comes in on time and on budget. Every project presents a unique set of challenges, but our brain trust always combines to find creative solutions that best serve the interest of our investors. More>
Determine your investor profile and get started today
There is no single approach to real estate investing that works best for everyone. So when we meet with interested investors, the first thing we strive to determine is what their real estate aspirations are and what resources they would like to get started with. More>



With Tanco Development’s innovative construction options and turn-key project management, we enable the kinds of returns previously reserved for insiders only!